AAP EXPOSED: Profusely bleeding UP medical students showcased as victims of BJP violence

AAP EXPOSED: Profusely bleeding UP medical students showcased as victims of BJP violence 

Dailybhaskar.com   |  Mar 06, 2014
New Delhi: On Wednesday, Bjp and Aap supporters clashed with over the alleged news of Arvind Kejriwal‘s arrest in Gujarat. Party workers from both the sides were brutally thrashed and resorted to vandalism and hooliganism in various cities across the country.
Television news channels were filled with images of political workers using stones and lathis to attack their opponents. Several people, from both the sides, were injured in the violence that ensued.
One particular photograph, uploaded on Twitter byAAP Activists’ Group, showed a profusely bleeding man with bag pack slung on his shoulders.
The photograph claimed that the man in the picture is an AAP activist who was beaten by ‘violent BJP’.
Later, it was revealed that the profusely bleeding man was NOT an AAP activists but a medical student from Uttar Pradesh who was beaten by SP’s Aryanagar MLA Irfan Solanki, last week.
The image was subsequently deleted from the Twitter account of AAP Activists’ Group.
This is not the first instance that social media has been misused to fulfil politically malicious agendas of certain section of people.
Last year, a video shot in Pakistan was used to incite passions in Muzaffarnagar. The video showed a group of men mercilessly beating a youth. The video was circulated using various social media platform as the footage of a man being beaten in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district.
In January last year, A video emerged mysteriously on social media and TV channels purportedly showing a person carrying a head with suggestions that it was that of Lance Naik Hemraj, who was beheaded by Pakistan Army regulars on the LoC a year ago.
In the video, a person, who according to media reports is a terrorist, is allegedly parading the head of Lance Naik Hemraj on Pakistani soil along with his other belongings including torch batteries and low denomination Indian currency.

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